Subhashree Ganguly: 'Angel-like outfit' in blue Banaras with deepneck blouse Subhashree

In Tolipara, there is always a discussion about the furnishings of Shubhshree Gangopadhyay. Sometimes she is seen in full western outfits, but she is also beautiful in cool casual looks. And when he comes in front of everyone wearing a sari, it becomes his responsibility to take his eyes off her. And if that saree is Banarasi, then there is no question.

the actress looks gorgeous Subhashree Ganguly,, Today has again been declared the day of the liberation of the religious war. This picture will be seen on the big screen in August. Before this, everyone’s mind was filled to see this look of Shubhshree. sounds wonderful. Ritavari Chakraborty also praised in the comments. Mimi Chakraborty liked the picture. (Photo – Instagram @subhashreeganguly_real)


in blue banarasi saree

Actress Shubhshree Gangopadhyay has chosen the Banarasi saree for her beautiful outfit. The actress is looking very beautiful in blue colored Banarasi.

The actress draped the saree in a traditional style. The field did not solicit him but mailed it. And he has carved the art of the area very well.

As if some work in the field is hidden from prying eyes. And why not, how beautiful the saree is.

Rupoli Embroidery in Banaras

Beautiful workmanship has been done in this saree on royal blue texture. For example, Rupali has been embroidered all over the saree. This Rupali color with blue has created contrast. Which has increased the beauty of the saree 100 times. Both the color and craftsmanship of the saree are well-reflected.

There is Rupoli embroidery all over the saree. Heavy work has been done near the shore. Which is one of the charms of the saree. Floral motifs are also seen on the wide edge. This is the most spectacular part of the whole saree. Shubhashree also carried the saree beautifully. This saree is designed by Mitan Ghosh.

In sleeveless blouse.

Shubhshree Gangopadhyay is wearing a sleeveless blouse with this saree. This sleeveless blouse is also blue. The actress did not let this blue monotone of the color of the saree break in any way. So he didn’t add any contrast to the blouse. The sleeveless matches itself well in this blouse. I can’t take my eyes off him.

Old jewelry outfits, what did Ritabhari say?

Shubhshree Gangopadhyay is wearing old jewelry with this saree. Purva gona jewelry looks great with this blue saree. For example, the actress is wearing a gold earring. A gold bracelet has been added to his hand. Ahh! What a wonderful sight!

Elegance touches even in the makeup of the actress. The base was created by the Dewey Foundation. There is no dramatic touch to the eye makeup. Rather it is done with simple makeup. Hold a neutral touch. Apply basic eyeliner to the upper eyelid.

She has applied nude eyeliner on the floor. It’s like watching Shubhshree glow with a touch of blush and highlighter on the cheeks! Ritavari Chakraborty wrote in the comment, “Feels like an angel”. Mimi Chakraborty also liked the picture.

Laal Ishq Shubshree!

However, not only in a red sari, the actress has recently appeared in a red organza sari. that sounds wonderful. This red saree is embroidered with red thread. Shubhashree is wearing a white pearl choker with it. In such a situation too, Deep has chosen a red sleeveless blouse with a neckline. Don’t know how many people have taken heart in this monotone outfit!

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