Build Your Credit Without Using Credit

Getting a decent rate on a mortgage or car loan depends on having a good credit score. Even rental applications or employment is contingent on credit. The ladder is to pay out the wazoo in down payments, security deposits, etc. While you need a good credit history to make your mark with the creditors, you don’t need plastic to do so. Start improving your credit without using credit. Take these steps in building your credit score without actually using credit and learn what to watch for in the future to avoid damaging your credit you’ve worked hard to build.

ONE: Check out a credit union for a secured loan. A secured loan, or shared-secured loan, is backed by money you place in a credit union savings account or certificate of deposit. Credit unions are usually easier to work with than the big banks as they take into account more than just your credit score when applying for a loan. They also look at things like a good checking history or that youre making an effort to deposit money into savings. Make sure the credit union you choose is reporting to all three major credit bureaus. Some credit unions only report to one of the three in an effort to save money.

TWO: Peer-to-peer loans. No, this is not about going fishing. Social lending sites like Prosper and Lending Club connect interested borrowers with individual investors. In this, investors bid on the borrowers applications and attempt to offer the lowest, most competitive interest rates to win the deal.

THREE: Getting schooled? Apply for a federal student loan. Being a student can be advantageous to your credit score if executed properly. Federal student loans do NOT require credit checks. The stipulation is that you have to be at least a part time college student and have submitted an application for Federal Student Aid. Stafford loans have a fixed interest of 6.8 percent and they do not inquire on your reason for financial need. Once the loan hits repayment mode, your on-time payments will help boost your score.

FOUR: Piggy back your partner. Become an authorized user on someone elses credit card. Once added, their history with that specific account is usually imported to yours with the 3 big bureaus. Pick someone who has decent credit or this could turn around and affect you negatively. Youll want to choose someone who has an account that has less than 1/3 of the balance due at all times and pays on time consecutively each month. All your asking is to become an authorized user, not actually use the card or receive a duplicate of the card for purchases.

FIVE: Co-signing. Four and five depend on relying on others so don’t go burning bridges or chasing waterfalls. Make sure these are solid relationships like a parent or spouse. A co-signer can help you lock into a loan you may have been denied for applying by yourself. In a co-signee arrangement, both parties are equally responsible for the debt. Make sure payments are made timely and consecutively to ensure a positive increase to your score on a monthly basis.

SIX: Pay to play. Establishing a secured credit card is now getting into actually using credit. If youre anti plastic and just looking to build your score, opt out of this option and save yourself a paragraph. Secured cards require you to make a deposit with the bank equal to the amount of credit youre looking to deposit. Some banks will allow you to receive a secured credit card for only $200 while others require a bit more to play the game. Youre basically taking your money and creating a credit account equal to the amount invested and paying interest on purchases. Some creditors will convert the account to a regular line of credit after 9 months or a year of positive paying.

SEVEN: The Charge card cha cha. Charge cards like American Express require the account holder to pay the balance in full every cycle. If you already have good credit and are simply trying to keep it going in that direction this is a positive way to ensure youre doing just that without having to use credit cards. If you have little self control you may want to think twice about charge cards.

Using these guidelines can keep you out of the credit loop while still playing the game. If you have already incurred credit debt it’s a good idea to pay it down asap and restructure your spending habits whereas the use of credit becomes obsolete.

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