How to Write Effective Google AdWords Advertising

 To succeed at an AdWords campaign, you must know how to write effective Google AdWords advertising. Anyone who is about to write ads should already have read and fully understand the lengthy terms and conditions policy presented by Google. This policy is strictly adhered to and failing to abide by the terms and conditions can be you banned from one of the most effective tools at your disposal.

Google AdWords also limits what can be advertised through AdWords. Thinks like gambling, violence, drugs, fraudulent activities such as defeating cable boxes and the like, are barred from ever being advertised through Google's AdWords or AdSense tools. Be sure that the item or service you are advertising is within the boundaries of things that AdWords is willing to accept for advertisement.

Most advertisers use text ads for their AdWords campaign. The key to writing effective Google ads is to remember that you have to grab the interest of the reader in very few characters. In a regular text AdWords ad, you have 25 characters to create a title, 70 characters are the maximum for the advertisement itself and 35 characters, including spaces, are permitted for the display of the URL. The ad will be displayed on four lines. The title will take up one line and the URL another, so your 70 characters of text will fit in the other two lines. Because some characters are wider than others, in some situations, less than 70 characters may be all that will fit on the two lines.

As you can see, your goal has to be to create a title and text that is so captivating that the reader must, in such a short period, feel they HAVE to know more about this subject or service. Because your ad will be shown to people who already have expressed an interest in knowing about the subject of your website, you want to convince them that your website is the only place to learn or buy what they want.

Google AdWords advertisements that contain words like "best", "only", "cost-effective", "free", "lowest-priced" and other attributes the reader is seeking can be really important, but only if they are true. You want the visitor to find what they expect and not something that isn't what the ad stated.

A good way to learn to write Google AdWords is to view some AdWords ads and see what words make you feel compelled to learn more. Those same words will work for you in your own ads. Just adapt them to your own product or services and include your own facts.

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