Google AdWords - Get More Profits With a Better Quality Score

Were you slapped by Google AdWords? Were your minimum bids jacked up to some crazy amount? Fortunately, the solution is much easier than you think.

The sole purpose of Google as a search engine is to deliver high-quality & relevant search results to their web visitors. We want to play with their rules & help them fulfill their purpose in return for targeted visitors to our website or websites.


For every group, group your keywords in a tightly related theme. If you can, have only 1 keyword (maybe all 3 matches) in a single ad group. Now you are more relevant in how you set up your ad group & it helps you with your quality score.

Strategic Keywords

Your keywords must match your ads, the lesser keywords you have in your group, the easier it is for you to do that. Place your keyword in the headline of your ad, if possible place it in either line 2 or line 3 of your ad as well.

If your keyword is in your domain name, that is the ideal situation, if not, you can still add your keyword at the end of your domain name, provided that your domain or keyword is short enough to fit into the given space.

When you put your keywords in your ads, not only your quality score will be much better, but your click-through rates will also improve because the keywords are shown in bold & you get more attention resulting in more clicks.

Landing Page

This is where most people fail, they have good keywords with related ads & a horrid landing page. Related keywords must be present in critical places within your page, such as title tags, description tags, meta tags, H1 tags, and link text.

Keywords must also be naturally sprinkled all over the landing page. However, do not keyword stuff your pages or put invisible text because Google is strongly against keyword spamming. This is like on-page search engine optimization (SEO) & it is worth your effort.

Business Links

At the bottom of your landing page, also add a few business links such as a contact page, privacy policy, terms of service, about page, and disclaimer. If you have no time, at least have a contact page & a privacy policy page.


Your keywords must be grouped in a relevant manner, the ads must match, and the landing pages must match. Business links only add more credibility to you & your business. These simple tweaks will help you improve your quality score & lower your cost per click.

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