How To Create Automatic Internal Link In Blogger For SEO Ranking

What is Internal Linking ?

Basically, an internal link is a link from one web page to another webpage of the same domain.

What are the types of internal linking?

Basically, there are four types of internal links available those are:

  • Navigational Links
  • Footer Links
  • Contextual Links
  • Image Links

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What is Internal linking for SEO?

Internal linking is any link from one webpage of your website to another webpage of your website, search engines and users can use these links to find the content on your website, and by this internal linking, you can index the post faster and increase your on-page SEO.

How do I create an Internal Link in HTML?

Here to create an internal link in HTML you need to use the HREF attribute, by using this attribute you can add the link within your website or you can also add links that redirect to other or external websites.

Note: Before going through the process backup your blogger website theme code for safety, if any problem occurs while doing the process then you can re-upload your backup code and run your website as usual

Steps to Create Automatic Internal Links in Blogger

Step-1: Login to your blogger website dashboard by using the credentials.

Step 2: After successful login, you need to click on the Theme option.Step 3: Now click on Customize arrow and then click on Edit HTML.

Step 4: Here you can see the complete website theme code, click on the blank area and press CTRL+ F and search for the closing head tag or </head>.

Step-5: Copy the below code-1 and paste it above the closing head tag or </head>.

Step-6: After pasting the code-1, you need to click on the blank area, press CTRL + F, and search for <data: post.body/>

Step-7: Copy the below code-2 and paste the code below the <data:post.body/> code

Note: In some blogger templates you can see this code <data: post.body/> 2 or more times, so you need to paste the code one by one code below and need to check whether the internal links are visible or not, and my suggestion is pasted the code below the 2nd code and check in your page

Step-8: You have added both code-1 and code-2 successfully in your blogger theme

Step-9: Click on the save button, and now a message will be displayed as Updated Successfully

Step-10: Now you can see automatic internal links in your blogger web posts, if any error occurs then back up your code again and repeat the same process again

Code-1 [Paste above </head>]

Code-2 [Pate below <data:post.body/> ]

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